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NHL Unisex Adjustable Fanny Pack- Minnesota Wild Crossbody
NHL Unisex Adjustable Fanny Pack- Minnesota Wild Waist Bag

NHL Unisex Adjustable Fanny Pack- Minnesota Wild

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Just like in life, on a short hike, sometimes all you need are the *bear* necessities. As I was on my weekly Saturday afternoon walk through the woods for some much-needed peace and quiet, while representing my favourite NHL team on my new Fanny Pack of course, I was hoping to run into some people, you know. to show it off. That was until I noticed some tracks along my trail & they were not human. The amateur mountaineer in me decided that it was not a cause for concern, and so I trekked on.

About a half-hour into my trip, I heard rustling leaves around me and started to get a little anxious. The sound echoed due to the natural serenity of all this open space. My mind began overthinking, saying 'maybe those tracks were from a large animal... much bigger or faster than me'. I thought about turning around, and shook it off. It didn't stop. One last bit of stirring and that was it. I reached in my fanny pack (a wonder for short excursions like the one I was trying to enjoy) and grabbed the small bottle of bear pepper spray I had. As I was gearing up and positioning myself into a Mortal Combat style fighting stance, I heard the leaves again even louder. My heart was racing. Then BAM! Out pops a of chipmunk scurrying so fast, it could have given Sonic the Hedgehog a run for its money.

The thought that I had almost hurt this tiny animal due to my heightened sense of fear was enough to make me re-consider going on these walks alone. As I smiled and laughed at the ridiculousness of the whole situation, I thought to myself, at least if it were a bear, this pack would have given me the ability to grab my blinding potion quick enough to have gotten away. From that day on, I never hiked a single Saturday without my trusted Minnesota Wild fanny pack.

  • Officially Licensed NHL Merchandise; Perfect For Travel, Leisure Or Business
  • Adjustable Waist Belt Up To 44", Works For All Ages
  • Can Be Worn Over The Shoulder, Cross-Body or Around The Waist
  • Features Front Zipper Pocket, Hidden Back Zipper Pocket With Headphone Port
  • Cheer On Your Team While Keeping You and Your Items Safe!