Officially Licensed Bob Ross "The Art Of Chill" Banner With Large Bob Ross Smiling Face

Bob Ross The Art of Chill Wall Banner

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"If you do too much, it’s going to lose its effectiveness."- Bob Ross

Relax and Chill out with this fun Bob Ross banner. Life is hard banners don’t have to be.

This banner is an artful reminder to relax unwind and just take on that art of chill. Hang this friendly little reminder anywhere you see fit while you take the time out to relax and chill Bob Ross style.

  • An officially licensed Bob Ross banner.
  • 100% Woven polyester, high resolution printed design.
  • Measures 30x50 inches.
  • Aluminum grommets for quick and simple hanging.
  • High quality colouring & packaging.
  • Transform any room into a zen space with this happy banner.

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