It has been a while since my last post but since there are no followers I guess that is OK.  

There are so many distractions that keep you off the commuter path.  Work, weather, travel, school, mid term exams, family crises etc.  Plus some days you just don’t feel like riding.

When I was away I did ride a stationary bike every day.  Not exciting but better than nothing,

I did ride to work today,  it was very different then the last ride and it was great. 

There were issues though.  My best to bike had flats in the rear tire which are my first flats for the year.  So today I rode on my basic road bike which was just fine. Having a back up bike (or two) is useful.

The weather has changed since the last commute so gloves, long sleeve base layer and a light wind jacket were needed.  

The rest of the week is not looking too good for riding but we shall see.  

Miles to Date 3574 it is going to make the 5050 mile goal difficult.

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