Catfish Calhoun Inc. (Calhoun) is committed to operating in a socially responsible way that respects human rights and labour laws. The Calhoun Supplier Code of Conduct establishes Calhoun’s expectations for its suppliers in compliance with law, international standards and best practices in the area of human rights and sustainability.

Who is applicable under this Code:

This code applies to Calhoun and all of its suppliers domestic and international when they are producing goods on behalf of Calhoun. Calhoun requires that all suppliers follow this code. Calhoun also expects that any subcontractor utilized by our suppliers will also adhere to our code of conduct when producing goods for our company.

This code of conduct is a benchmark standard for our suppliers to follow, even if local laws are less restrictive regarding any conduct outlined in this document.

Requirements of the Code:

Compliance with all laws:

Suppliers are required to follow all applicable laws and regulations in the country in which they operate business. If any aspect of the code outlined in the document, is in conflict with local laws, the supplier must let Calhoun know, in writing, immediately.

Respecting Human Rights:

Suppliers must respect Human Rights in accordance with applicable law and international standards such as the core conventions of the International labour Organization and the United Nations Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights. Inhumane treatment of employees is prohibited under this code, which includes physical, mental, verbal, sexual or any kind of abuse or harassment at the workplace. Suppliers are prohibited from discriminating, harassing or disciplining on the basis of age, race, colour, gender, nationality or social origin, sexual orientation, gender identity, disability or any other grounds prohibited by local or international law.

Use of Forced or Compulsory Labour:

Use of forced or compulsory labour is prohibited under the Calhoun Supplier Code of Conduct. Workers must not be required to surrender any documents that would restrict their free movement outside of work environment.

All workers have the right to leave work and freely terminate their employment, following policies regarding notice periods outlined in local labour laws.

Child Labour Prohibited:

In accordance with Bill S-211 (Canada), suppliers must not employ individuals below the minimum age permitted by local laws and the core ILO standards regarding Child Labour. Employment of youth must not prevent their ability to attend school. Minimum age for employment should not be less than the compulsory schooling age of the country in which the individual is employed and, in any case, not less than 15 years of age.

Health, Safety of the workplace:

Suppliers will provide a safe and healthy work environment in compliance with local and international laws. Suppliers must have safety procedures in place to ensure the safety of all of their employees while at work. Suppliers must complete inspections of their workplace regularly to ensure that health and safety polices are being enforced and followed.

Monitoring and Record Keeping:

Suppliers must be able to demonstrate their compliance with this code of Conduct in accordance with applicable laws when requested via factory audits/inspections and other company documentation.