I don’t use a lock on my bike mainly  because my bike is never out of my  line of sight,  until it is in a secure place.  

Last night after work I took a forty mile overnight ride on my favourite bike with a heavy back pack.  I stopped at a corner store for refreshment.  It was a small store and I put my bike in the rack and went inside.  There was another person inside the store who left and looked at the bike rack .  I watched  this person pick it up bike and try to ride off with it.

I ran out of the store after him heavy pack, cycle shoes and all and yelling and chased him until he fell from the bike (having clip pedals slowed his get away). He crashed the bike and protectively covered himself for the beating he as expecting (but that did not happen).  I just yelled a little let him go and checked on the bike for damage (there was none).  I was lucky but very angry!  I wend back into the store with my bike (at the store owners request) finalized my purchase and rode another ten miles to my destination.

I was very lucky!

I could have lost my favourite bike, got into a fist fight with a low life (and maybe some of his friends), which I would have probably lost and been stranded 30 miles from home, I was very lucky!

So my advise on bike security is never let your bike out of eye sight!  If you can’t bring your bike into a store or a restaurant find another place to spend your money.  Also always be in control  of your temper getting in a fight with a low life is never going to have positive out come!


  • WT

    That’s scary but your right to walk away from the guy – always told my kids that everyone loses in a fight however tempting it can be

  • K

    Bummer story.
    Some of us can be terrible. This is true: The more people I meet, the more I like dolphins. Glad you still have your bike.

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