Wednesday Group Ride

I did not commute yesterday.  Instead I rode with the Wednesday night ride group.  Most if not all of these riders are younger, better rested and faster than I am but it is still fun.  Riding with other people who love to ride is the competition for me and not the speed.  There is usually another rider who rides along with me and we have a great time plus there is usually beer and food after the ride.  I feel privileged to be part of this ride group.

I broke off from the group just when it was getting dark and rode 6 miles home.  Riding at night is not advisable but sometimes unavoidable and this was the second time this month that I rode in the dark.   My bikes are equipped for night riding with the best lights you can buy front and rear. The rear flasher has a two mile range and the front light is strong enough to light up 20 feet ahead of you.  Pot holes and road debris are extreme danger at night plus you want the cars to see you.  The ride home was uneventful and it was great to get back home.  

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