It gets dark early these days so unless you leave work at 4:00 you might be riding in the dark.

I was desperate to ride yesterday as missed several days this week due to school and an overnight trip to Montreal. Although it was cold it looked like a clear day.

My bike is properly equipped with night lighting. My lights are both Bontragers high intensity LEDs purchased at Bike Fit. The front light is 300 Lumen and the back red light “Flare” is visible at 2 Km. No one should ride at night without these high quality lights (and they are expensive). Every bike shop sells this type of light. Riding without proper lights is a death wish!

Wearing light and reflective clothing is also important.

The ride was very cold but all was well till l reached Lake and Lakeport Rd. A car turned at the light and cut me off and knocked me off my bike into the road. When you get knocked off your bike the natural reflex is to lie still and check yourself but you can’t do this on the road, you have to scramble up and get off the road with your bike making sure the next vehicle does not hit you. Once again I was lucky, just some scrapes and scuffs and of course pain and a little shock.

The traffic stopped at the intersection in each direction. Several cars purposely blocked the traffic making sure I was safe and on my way again. Several asked if I needed a ride home. The offending vehicle also stopped and apologized and said “I did not see you” then we shook hands. Everyone in their cars at the intersection were first class citizens. I don’t know anyones names but I have great appreciation for their support and caring last night.

My bike made out too, the chain was off and I rode home. Feeling very lucky!

This is my second encounter with a car and the second time I was lucky. Hopefully there will not be a third encounter.

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