Today I felt "Very Lucky to be Riding the Path".  It was a gorgeous day with a perfect bicycle temp,  almost cold enough to wear a jacket and warm enough to feel the wind refreshing your skin.  I am lucky to live here and even luckier to be able to cycle to work.

There was a fair amount of riders on the path, many wearing their Big Move bicycle jerseys.  Many of the regulars were on the path too including one of my favourites "Martin" who is 90 and still rides his bike on the path. Lots of walkers and runners too, many of whom I recognize.   Almost everyone greats you when passing and the ones who don't... don't matter.

There has been a heavier traffic  of ships through the canal  and I stopped to take this photo of the MS Hamburg Great Lakes Cruise Ship (formerly the Columbus) passing by the Homer Bridge.  I think this is the biggest cruise ship on the Great Lakes and can carry 420 passengers.

Today was a cool day to ride.... even if I was a little late for work.

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