It is not commuting but the Big Move Ride on Sunday was tons of fun. The ride is a great cause, it has raised over 4 Million Dollars for the local Walker Family Cancer Center  It this is a well run event most of the money 88% or so goes directly to the Cancer Center.  It is also a fun day with almost 600 cyclists riding together in a a protected riding environment near Short Hills Park. There are rest stations with snacks and water and 350 volunteers to help make everything perfect.

This year a family ride was added to the event. It was fun to watch the kids either following our leading their parents to the finish.

Although it is not a race you tend to ride faster at these events as the riders subconsciously push you along. I noticed that my average speed per mile ranged from 15mph to 19mph for all of 50 miles.

My Wednesday Night Ride "A Team Group" joined our team this year and were in the first group to finish. We had a good time at the barbecue that followed the ride. I have attached a photo of our "A Team"leading out at the start of the ride.

Congratulations to the organizers Chris, Gord Ron and Team. We are lucky to have this event in our area and we are fortunate that you gave us such a special cycling day.

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