Personally I believe I need to ride almost every day however there are some days that are just not worth it.   Rain can make the roads unsafe, heavy winds make the rain unpleasant, extreme cold too unpleasant  and snow covered roads are just a little to dangerous.  I have ridden in all those conditions.

Bicycle Commuting is all about safety even though I need the cardio and the the fun!

First thing I do when I wake up is check the weather AP on my phone and then stick my nose out the door. 

Today is 41F and Cloudy with a 14Km wind from the NE.

 Looks like I am riding again for the third commute this week and the 6 consecutive ride day this week.  I am going to try to go a little longer today to push my milage over the 1000 mile mark.  Tomorrow is supposed to rain.

I am experiencing a slow leak in my front tire. I fill it up between rides but I really need to get it fixed this weekend.  Fixing you bike during Covid is a different experience. 

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