Cycle Commuter Guy

I am a bicycle commuter cyclist.  I ride bikes for other reasons too but my basic biking activity is "commuting" to work each day along the Canal Path.

I log my activities every day through my phone and today I have ridden 2156 miles for the year, which is less than last year at this time.  The goal is to ride 5000 miles again this year.  For some reason logging my miles is fun.

Cycling to work is great exercise, fun, interesting, a great time to think and even saves money in gasoline plus every other day you tend to meet up with a new friend on the path.

Although I have a car that I love to drive I still ride my bikes more than I drive my car.  

So I am starting this monetized blog to share my daily ride adventure, safety tip, photos  and some ideas that might enhance your cycling experience.

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