Riding home go up the Carlton Street Hill and usually do a brief slowdown at the 4 way stop (I usually don’t come to a full stop). This does not interfere with any other vehicles and I believe it is safer than stopping.
A white pick up came up beside me yelled follow the rules you F… ing ….. Not to be out down I yelled the F word back.  He tried to cut me off followed me up the hill yelling flicked a cigarette at me.  Told me all cyclists are F…ing AHs etc. 
Of course I probably matched all of his F.O.s.  I was kind of angry.
I felt bad about the way I handled this incident.  The proper way would be to shut up.  Take my phone, get his license number and a photo of him 12 inches away and send it to the police.  He would be charged with dangerous driving, loose his license and pay an extra few thousand for insurance for the next 5 years.   Idiots like that don’t need to be driving vehicles.  Idiots like me don’t need to be engaging these types either.
There are laws to protect cyclists from this type of driver and we should these laws.

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