Friday Saturday and Monday Ride

I did commute on Friday and it as a nice safe ride.  My only issue was I was tired and my back pack was stuffed with about 25 pounds of stuff including over night things eventually I decided again the over night trip.

Instead I rode the next morning to Point Abino (or Crystal Beach) with a much smaller pack.  It was my longest ride of the year, had two quick stops but it felt good arriving at Point Abino. At the second rest stop I met some people that I "almost knew" (I knew the ladies brother).   I always feel like I have lost 5 pounds of ugly belly fat after a 40 mile ride. 

Did not ride Sunday but had a great 22 mile really ride this morning.  As I am heading to NYC today I doubt I will be riding again till Friday.

Point Abino Lighthouse photo shown here was taken a few years ago.  Due to high water the light house is on an island now.

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