Just Riding

Friday I rode an early 22 miler and then back to home as I needed my car at work. It as a great ride (not back pack is very liberating).  However later in the day I had an even cooler ride.  I needed to ride from Pt Abino (Crystal Beach) to Buffalo's outer harbour.   

What makes this ride cool is crossing the International Peace Bridge into the US.  I have done this many times in the past but there has been construction work on the bridge and the Bridge Commission is claiming that the Peace Bridge is now bike friendly. Maybe what they meant is that is will be soon but not yet.  I had trouble finding the entrance and went from the road entrance the permitter side walk which is almost big enough for a car but it was littered with debris. The border crossing guy was not prepared either and would have preferred me to take the regular toll booths, to let me cross he needed to bring me through his office. Still very fun to cross the bridge into another country.

So no commuting today but two memorable rides.


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