Tuesday the morning ride was warm, calm and beautiful but  around 3:00 that all changed and we had torrential rain.  The rain hadd slowed by the time I left work but it was still a bit crazy and it could have intensified.  

If you have to ride home in the rain you are going to get wet.   There are some basic things you can do to make the ride safer. 

Make sure you pack anything like computers in plastic bag inside your pack.    Use your lights front and back, tires should be a little under inflated as they will skid less if they are a soft, forget about wearing glasses as the water droplets will obstruct your vision.  Not wearing glasses creates another problem as you will not have eye protection.

Ride slower than usual and  be double aware of cars and ride a route that does not have a lot of cars if possible.  If the weather is warm the rain ride can be pleasant.

When you get home spray down your bike with the hose. 


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