Organized Rides are not a real commuting activity but they are fun.  I am looking forward to riding in one this weekend.

On Sunday September 8  the 11th  Big Move Bicycle Ride for Cancer will be held in support of the Walker Family Cancer Center.  It is a fun day with multiple protected rides.  350 volunteers and multiple police cruisers will protect the riders 533 riders who are currently registered to ride.  The Ride has already raised over $200,000 to support our local Cancer Hospital and the administration fee for the ride is less than 15% which is much lower than almost any other ride in Canada.

This is our biggest local Bicycle Ride and it is growing. The ride is not a race and it is for every type of rider, especially new riders and riders who just want to "push" their ride a little further.

Our company has been involved with this ride since it began 11 years ago and will have a team of 16 riders.  Many of our riders will be in the first group to finish the 75K ride but all of our riders are going to have a great riding day on Sunday as will all the participants in this ride.

Plus the Bib Shorts that the ride is promoting are an amazing value and 100% of the sale goes to the support our local Cancer Center.

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