I did not commute on Wednesday this week as it is my Riding Group Day.  It is important to save some strength for this ride.

This is a very mixed group the ages range from 30 something to 60 something year old riders, male female, teachers, dentists, fire fighters business people, semi pro riders one rider was a support worker for a team in the Tour.  The leader of the group is or was a Semi Pro Rider in the day.  I am the slowest rider in this group.

Last nights ride read 34 miles on my phone  but it went very fast and felt like less mileage.

Although this is the Wed Wine Ride we always finish the ride have something to eat and drink a few beers.   There are 10-15 riders in the group and every Wed Night I feel like I have that many best friends for the night.

Great camaraderie and  all because we all love to ride bikes!


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